Background Check Service Endorsed by Companies Just Like Yours
How It Works

Background checks are a way to help you reduce risk to your business. But how do you pick the right company to help you? The same way you select other business services – often recommendation from your peers. In a recent survey, nearly 50% of HireRight Express customers heard about us through referral. We want you to be so satisfied that you refer us too, and we’ll work to earn that recommendation.

"Ordering was pretty slick. Once we got the account setup it was easy and very simple to manipulate."

Owner, A California auto finance company

"It was really easy and fast to use. I liked that we got results quickly and they were understandable."

Recruiting Assistant, A National advertising agency

"Everything online was very easy to use. Actually it was very easy and I thought it was going to be a long drawn out deal."

Owner, A Texas medical services company