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Motor Vehicle Records Checks

A motor vehicle records examination is the ideal way to identify candidates or employees with unsafe driving records to limit your risk. In some states, convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot be found on the criminal court record and can only be revealed with a MVR examination. A motor vehicle records check is commonly used by companies for anyone applying for a job driving a truck, company car, or operating machinery.

Check 3-year driving record history

Check 3-Year Driving Record History

Why Choose This Search?

Find accidents or violations and felony/misdemeanor convictions

Maintain or decrease insurance premiums

Reduce liability and risk for drivers of company vehicles

Promote or protect your safe driving record

Details of this Search

HireRight goes straight to the State motor vehicle administrator, and in many cases instantly returns the candidate's driving record. Details include license type and status, as well as any violations or accidents.

Data Sources

State Departments of Motor Vehicles

States and territories not currently supported

The following states and territories are not currently supported in HireRight Express. Performing a Motor Vehicles check in these states requires consultation with one of our Sales Associates and may take up to 10 days and require a simple software upgrade and additional fees. Please call 800-490-7983 for more information.


  American Samoa






  N. Mariana Islands


  New Hampshire



  Puerto Rico

  Virgin Islands


  Washington DC

States and territories not currently supported

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