Choosing honest employees is always important
How It Works

Verify Employment Details – An Honesty Check

One of the most commonly misrepresented pieces of information on a resume is the applicant's employment history. Maybe the applicant didn't work there as long as he said, or exaggerated his title. Let HireRight help you by performing one of the most time-consuming aspects of checking out an applicant while you work on other important tasks.

Employment Verification

Employment Verification

Why Choose This Search?

Validate one of the most falsified pieces of information on a resume

Check dates of previous employment

Verify salary history when available

Details of this Search

HireRight goes directly to past employers to retrieve relevant information and provide it to you. To order this service you will need to fax a copy of the applicant's consent for the best chances of verification.

Employment verification is a very popular choice used in all industries for all position titles to verify dates of employment, position and salary history, when it is available.

Note that not all employers will be verifiable, for example, if the previous employer is out of business or moved. The full $19.95 is charged whether or not the data can be verified, but rest assured, our best efforts are made on your behalf for up to three full days of research.

Data Sources

Applicant's previous or current employer, per your order

How It Works